About skrape{it}


Skrape{it} was written by Christian Dräger with contributions from:

Suggestions and contributions are welcome.

  • Issues: You can discuss and raise issues on GitHub.
  • Slack: Join the #skrape-it channel on the Kotlin Slack.
  • Twitter: Follow @skrape_it on Twitter for updates and release notifications.

Open source

Skrape{it} is an open source project distributed under the liberal MIT license. The source code is available at GitHub.


Skrape{it} is and always will be free and open-source. However your sponsorship of this project is greatly appreciated and will fund the caffeine and pizzas that fuel its development.
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Skrape{it} owes a lot to jSoup. It's a really good library if you want to parse HTML in Java!
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