Who should be using it

Deserialize HTML? Why should that be useful?

Skrape{it} focuses first and foremost on parsing html, but it's possible to parse any XML related markup specification, like:

some thoughts when it is helpful to use skrape{it}:

"I want to grab some data from a website that's not providing an API!"

"I want to parse HTML from a raw String or a file in an intuitive and highly readable way, without the need of messing around with crazy CSS-selector query knowledge!"

"I would like to test the endpoints of my application that produces HTML/XML in a meaningful and idiomatic way!"

"I'm running a huge Selenium suite that is checking the appearance of certain elements and its values. Therefore I'm looking for a fast and reliable alternative with less overhead!"

"I'm maintaining a complex application with high SEO requirements, therefore i want to have e2e tests checking the relevant meta tag information!"

"I need to refactor an (legacy or hard to mock) application that produces HTML/XML and want to have high level tests that ensure my changes fulfill the expectations!"

"I'm an Android developer and want to write proper tests for my Manifest file, XML Layout files and other XML related stuff within my project!"

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