A "classic" Http-Client implementation

Skrape{it} provides different fetcher implementations. All of the Fetchers behave different and you should pick them depending on your needs.

The HttpFetcher is a classic http client. It will send an HTTP-request (with given request parameters, headers etc.) to a given url and returns a result that consists of the http response status as well as of the response headers and body. Nothing more, nothing less.

It is fast, robust and result will look simular to what you would get when surfing a page in your browser with deactivated Javascript.

Thereby it is the best pick if you want to call server-side rendered websites, a static html pages or if you just don't care about the excecution of a websites Javascript.

if you do not need skrape{it}'s full feature set you can use the HttpFetcher standalone by adding the following dependency to your project.

dependencies {

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